Does it feel like sometimes you just can’t get ahead?  No matter what you do, it’s “One step forward and two steps back.”  You have set out the best laid plans for getting ahead.  You know exactly how the week is going to go.  You have prepared for the interview and know you are going to nail it, then later in the afternoon you are going to hit the gym.  Six months from now you are going to have those six pack abs, a new job and will be working on learning Mandarin Chinese.  Why Mandarin Chinese?  Just because that s**t sounds cool.

Fast forward six months, yep, you landed the job, but it has kept you so busy you haven’t hit the gym, in fact you are pretty sure you have covered those abs with at least another 1/4” of fatty protection.  Going out for Chinese food is about as close to learning Mandarin as you have gotten.  So, you are a bit better off financially, the opportunities for advancement may be a bit limited but it pays the bills.  You will set a goal to start eating better next month.  And, Mandarin Chinese is now learning the phrases on the back of the fortune cookies.

You hope one day you can find the time to do these things, in addition to the rest of that bucket list, but in the end it just feels like you will never really get there.  You are left thinking, how do some people manage to do all this, maybe they just aren’t as busy as you.  The real problem though may not be the “busy”, the real problem may be the “balance”.  Life is a delicate balance of 6 key dimensions, like spokes in a wheel.  The amount of time, energy or focus that you spend in each dimension determine the length of each “spoke”.  When the spokes are uneven, too much in one area or too little it creates an uneven, or flat, wheel.  And just like a flat tire on a car or bike, the journey or trip you plan to make becomes more difficult, sometimes impossible.

The video that follows shows you more about the six dimensions and how a coach can help you find the balancing of the wheel so that not only can you crush that new job, rock those new abs, but you can do so while bragging about it in Mandarin Chinese…so, take a look.  Maybe together we can get the wheel of life rolling smooth!