“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John Maxwell

The qualities of leadership are often learned from those that precede us.  When we follow a great leader, the chance to be a high-quality leader is enhanced.  Today’s workforce is looking for leadership with higher Emotional Intelligence, High-Value emphasis, and Quality Empathy for their workforce.

Leadership coaching can be an invaluable adjunct to personal development and allows your organization to focus on business and technical metrics.   Coaching focuses on personal growth that will further benefit the leader without taking away from internal resources.

As a Leader:

Are you making the impact you desire?

Do you know how to make an instant impact?

Helping you Realize your FULL Leadership and Personal Potential is what we do.

Together – We Will:

FUTURE LEADER: Starting early in the talent management process, coaching can begin to build the key traits of communication, conflict resolution, trust building, and values.   Building a pipeline of leaders and leadership coaching has been shown to improve the success and retention of future leaders.

FRONT-LINE LEADER: Often, the front-line leader is a high performer that has been promoted into an entry-level leadership role.  Coaching these front-line leaders builds confidence and efficiency in their management responsibilities.  This level of leader benefits more than any other form of Coaching as you learn to set the behaviors for quality leadership that makes an impact and efficiency within your organization.  Skills developed are difficult discussion, strategic decision-making, conflict resolution, values and goal development, and accountability for success.

MID to EXECUTIVE LEVEL LEADER: Even the most seasoned leader can develop their leadership skills.   Growing stagnant in skill development leads to limited growth, delay in responding to market shifts, and reliance upon “That worked last time.”  Continual coaching of the seasoned executive creates innovation, growth, and financial success over time.  The ability to broaden their thought process and call to action grows, and insight into their style and the style of their direct reports is better understood.

Sessions are designed to be 3-4 times a month for 60 minutes.  Leadership coaching can be designed as an individual or small group.

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