I am glad you are here, that means you are looking for more.

√ More success

√ More joy

√ More balance

√ More purpose


Whatever your “More” is, I would be honored to help.

A servant leader, Doctoral Educated Healthcare Practitioner and ACC level Coach, I believe intuition is your strongest leadership and personal tool. I am a 30 year Healthcare executive, that began in Healthcare based on my desire to help others lead a better life in the physical domain.

The recovery process is similar to the personal growth process.   So much of leading a better life, or a life of “more” comes not from just physical well being, but emotional, spiritual, emotional, purposeful, social and educational domains from life.

As a leadership and development coach, I work with you to focus on your values, your goals and that “one thing” you feel is missing.   We work on mindset and energy leadership so that you become clear on how to reach that goal(s).

Next, we spend time determining how you balance your life in order to give more to all domains to your life.  What in your mindset, confidence and beliefs are holding you back?   Then we develop the tools to move above that and begin living an impactful life and career.

This process is based on my program, 1 Percent Living, which emphasizes small but consistent steps toward reaching that purpose, toward reaching that goal(s).   We work on tasks that make you closer to the goal just 1 percent each day.   Making small changes in behavior, mindset and activity everyday, leads to sustainable and permanent focus on your goals.   It doesn’t sound like much, but when we look back 3 months from now or even 6 months from now you will be amazed at how much deeper, meaningful and richer your life has become!

Your intuition knows why you are here… there is no such thing as a coincidence.  SO…lets unpack that intuition and turn it into action, 1 Percent at a time.

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