I’ve been gone for awhile…

I’ve been gone for awhile…

Not that I have a large following, a thriving practice or even a list of subscribers that have missed me…but just in case you were wondering… I was gone for awhile.

Life got in the way.

Rather… I let life get in my way.  You see, if you know me at all, have read my posts, seen my website, or follow me on FB or Instragram (Shad Lee, 1 Percent Living or Shad Morgheim), you will likely have heard that I am a life coach.  Currently I am unretained life coach… to which “going away for awhile” is a poor business plan.  I have this vision of what I am working 1% everyday to accomplish.  It is a Life Coach/Public speaker who helps those find their passion in life.  Once defined, then we work to map the steps to achieve that vision to fulfill that passion.  Helping others find purpose and experience the most enriching life they can define is what brings me an enormous sense of pride.

So…I have this vision…my future, spending hours each week helping others to obtain goals of all kinds.  In addition, I have this strong vision to be an inspiration for those in mid life to be an example that health and fitness can occur at any age.  SO…that is my 1% focus most days…until…life got in the way.

As I said, I am not making a living yet coaching and I am a far site away from being the worldwide inspiration of health and fitness that is bankable in any sense.  So I have to work to feed my dreams, to feed my family, to pay college tuitions, to afford my bacon and Fireball habits.   As we all do, I had a multitude of priorities sitting on my plate, so the things I needed to do to fuel my vision, to drive my passions, took a back seat.  Physically, I backed away from my exercise schedules and backed into too many bacon samplings.

Professionally, I made my job my primary focus.

This was life, day to day life, meant to pay the bills, keep us housed, and clothes on our backs.  This life that I put as my only priority is not bad at all.  I have a good job, working for an amazing company.  As a family, we moved into a new home, downsizing into something a bit more conducive to our lifestyle.  As a family, we enjoy date nights, we enjoy family game nights, we enjoying dining out.   To the everyday observer…I have a great life and I would agree, I have a fantastic life.

So, what’s the problem then with “life getting in my way”?  The problem is one I think the majority of us fall into.  We live a life that is “good enough”, a life where we are “satisfied”.  We talk about a life that is “blessed” or “lucky”.   But if we look hard enough is that the life you really want to live?  Is “satisfied” what you want to be, or do you want to be excited by each days events.  Do we want to be “lucky” or do we want to “step into our destiny”?  Do we want to simply live life or do we want to experience life?

Does the life you live today fit the vision you have for yourself?

Are you fulfilling your passion(s), not just professionally, but in all dimensions of wellness.  Do you fill your passions/purpose: professionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, purposefully, emotionally?  For me, the answer is no, not according to what I have envisioned for myself in each of those areas.  I know what I see when I look deep inside at what the fulfilled Shad looks like and failing to dedicate 1% each day to achieve that version of me, meant I let life get in my way.

AND…that is just fine.  It is just fine, because I recognized that I stepped off the path that I was heading down and have committed myself to step back on the path.  It is fine because I realized, something felt “off” the last several weeks, while I was gone. I realized I was not pursuing my passions.

When we aren’t purposely working toward our passions, our balance in life gets out of alignment. 

During that time, we can get impatient, fall into self-sabotage, consume ourselves with self-fulfilling limitations.  So, it is fine, more so, it is great that I realized something was “off” and determined that my not working toward my true life was the cause for being off.    Now the work comes, to get back toward fulfilling my vision.  To experience life, but to not let life get in my way.

We all know deep down who we are called to be, what we want to experience and what we ultimately would love to do in life.  If we know what that is and are living a life that is getting in the way of that true self, that true passion, now is the time to make changes.  Now is the time to step on a path toward that deeper life, one that goes from satisfying to one that is thrilling.  I owe that to myself, I owe that to my spouse, and I owe that to my children, friends and family.   Furthermore, you owe it to yourself.  Deep down you know what you want, what you have always desired to do, see, and experience.

So make the step, 1% at a time to obtain that vision. 

Make no mistake, my life is great.  The people in my life are great, but when I fully step into my full vision of what I can achieve, not just I, but all the people in my life will benefit.

So yep…I was gone for awhile.   Life got me for a second, now back on the path to start LIVING again!