I come with a lot of baggage, A LOT OF BAGGAGE. God bless my wife for putting up with my eccentricities, my gremlins and, as she puts it, my sensitivities. But when you think about it we all come with baggage, some with a steamer case full of items, others a hand bag of “trinkets”. Whoever we are though and however large our bag of issues, doesn’t really matter. This “bag” defines who we are…it tells us we are smart enough, strong enough, clever enough to accomplish things… or to “not” accomplish things.

The problem with everyone’s luggage is it is most often filled with self limiting beliefs. It comes with these messages we have picked up throughout life and packed into our bags ourselves. These messages then come to shape our self view and the expectations of what we will accomplish or what we deserve from the world. Here is the kicker about the luggage we have packed…most often we have packed the wrong things. Much like packing snow shoes for a trip to the beach, we spend our lives packing things in our bags that do not help us in life but limit us. The crazy part is we don’t know what to unpack to give us a more fulfilled life, or to simply get “what we want”. We know that if we packed our snow shoes for the beach, we simply need to remove them and add the flip-flops. However, in life we have no way to fully realize what is limiting us and what truly defines our full potential.

That, friends, is where a coach comes to the rescue. Think of me as a professional packer and unpacker, together we review all the articles in your bag and slowly remove the things that simply aren’t true about you. Through time not only do we make the bag lighter, but you get a better sense for who you really are and what you can accomplish.

So…how much is your bag weighing you down? Are you meeting your full potential? And…who are you really?