Group Leadership 


“A team is more than a collection of people.  It is a process of give and take.”

– Barbara Glacel

Dynasties are built around a team.... A team that is unified in a vision, aligned in their values, and focused on their goals.   Like sports, their are few dynasties in business.  Operating units occasionally align around a central leader with the innate talent or understanding on how to motivate and drive teams.

Studies show that the highest performing teams have a common set of qualities.  From clear and honest communication, to sharing of values and personal goals, the true dynasties are vulnerable and dependant on each other at the same time.

With our Group Leadership Coaching programs, we take a simple approach to buidling your next dynasty.  Whether we are working with a group of leaders or a specific team, we start with an engagement survey to determine what is working, what isn’t working, where trust exists and where mistrust impedes.

From this survey we work with the leadership driving the group (and investment) to review these results and develop a hybrid training and coaching format.  Bi-weekly training sessions are held based on a developed curriculm of leadership and communication topics.   Participants are left with self reflection and “homework” to develop their leadership skills and personal development.  This reflection and development is brought to the second monthly session to review progress and “lessons learned”.

Coaching/Leadership topics that are typically addressed:

  • Communcation Styles
  • Importance of Values
  • Six Dimensions of Wellness/Life Balance
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Decision Making
  • Setting Priorities
  • The Concept of 1% Living

Regardless of our role, we all are leaders, therefore it stands that leadership development especially in a group setting could benefit any associate.  Empowering front line staff in a team environment in the skills above have proved to create improved retention, efficiency and loyalty.

Group Leadership Coaching is typically held twice a month in two week intervals, designed around 30-60 minute sessions.  Typical engagement for team building/group leadership coaching is typically a six month engagement but is variable based on business need and identified goals.


To provide coaching and education for inividuals and organizations designed to enhance each person’s life, 1% more each day, through values, balance, goals, professsional development and personal living skills.  These skills help associates to find greater meaning in life and work wherein they lend themselves to greater efficiency, loyalty, and retention.  With the vision of changing the world 1 person – 1 percent at a time.

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